Saturday, October 31, 2009

32 weeks

This is me at 32 weeks (I took the photo on Wednesday). Technically I am 32.5 weeks but no one cares about the .5 but me right! I am totally at the point of counting days. I compared this photo with my last photo at 28 weeks and there is a fairly pronounced difference. It is fun to see my belly growing.

I have to admit that I often feel like there is no more room left in there. I know there is lots of room to grow but I am so full of baby and he is so active. Some times his kicks actually hurt and I am a bit scared for how his kicks will feel in 6/8 weeks. Although at that point he may be so big that kicking will be harder for him to do. But then he will stretch and that will hurt. Oh the fun of late pregnancy. I do find myself thinking 3 things everything he gets a good kick to my bladder or ribs.
  1. Holy cow that hurt!
  2. Keep on kicking baby, mommy needs to know you are okay in there
  3. Enjoy this woman cause this is the last baby and you will never feel this again (sniff)
Only 5 more weeks of work left and I will be home for a few weeks before his is born (I hope). I could really use a few weeks to get ready. At least one week (okay baby, did you hear that!). My posts may continue to be sporadic until I go on leave. I find my days at work are busier and busier as I am passing on my responsibilities to those taking over for me. I am constantly thinking of new things I hadn't thought of before and I am sure there are countless things I am forgetting. Oh well. I will do my best to prepare them and then they are on their own!

Happy Halloween everyone. In our area the weather isn't looking so good. Lots of wind and possible rain, but we will go out anyhow. M is insanely excited. Thankfully he is napping as we speak so hopefully we can avoid a late night candy melt down. Here is a photo of M and me in our costumes! Take Care!


  1. HOLY SCHMOLY! Look at your gorgeous self!

    Yes, rain and wind and cold here too. The Santa costume seems to fit right in with the weather. We're only a couple degrees away from snow!

    Happy treating! Be well.

  2. you look great!

    I wish I had taken more belly pictures of myself when I was preggers.

  3. You do justice to pregnancy. Great costume idea!

  4. You are looking fabulous! I am glad you are taking more photos!

    The boys look so awesome. Hope they had fun!

  5. I was just thinking...Who are these people who get time off BEFORE the baby comes. I mean, don't you want to save it for after the baby is actually HERE? But then I remembered that you don't live in the Dark Ages of USA 2009 where we have no guaranteed-let-alone-paid maternity leave. Even with my lenient job, we get 12 weeks, unpaid, and if you miss one more day after that 12 weeks... they get to fire you. And for here, that is a GOOD maternity policy. You get like, months and months, right?

    Am jealous.

  6. You look PERFECT!!! You are almost at the finished line!!! I'm sure you are beyond excited to get there!!

  7. You're looking gorgeous!!!

    ...and so warm!!!!

  8. wow - you look great. You're wearing stripes and look fab...I can't wear stripes and I'm NOT pregnant. Keep well! :) Laura

  9. You look so beautiful, Chantal! How exciting. I simply cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!

  10. Aw, your belly shot is so sweet, too! At 38 weeks the baby is still moving tons, but it's a lot less like kicking and a lot more like wiggling. Only a very few of his movements are actually painful, though.

    Good luck getting your work done! This is my last week at work and I'm almost done passing on my stuff. What a great feeling...

  11. look at you mama! awesome pic. and brilliant costume idea. hope the treating went well.

  12. Every last one of you looks fantastic. I actually think you look even better now than you did a month or two ago--something is really "right" in your face here. Continued happy kicking!

  13. you look so great! I hope you get some time off to relax before babe arrives!

  14. Woman, you are making me want to do it all over again... quit that!! ;)

    (Tristan had that same Vader costume -- too cute!)

  15. You look great! Late pregnancy is both hard and so beautiful - that time when it becomes really BELIEVEABLE that there is a person in there, just WAITING.


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