Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jocelyn asked!

In my last post Jocelyn asked for a photo of my preggy self. I find it kind of ironic that during my first pregnancy I took photos of myself at weekly intervals. Through all the bloating and swelling (D was an August baby, summer swelling). This time I am sort of ashamed to admit that this is my first belly photo. My first, at 28 weeks, and it isn't a very good one. I am already neglecting this child. Will he suffer the 3rd child syndrome of no photos and no videos? I will do my best not to neglect this baby in the photo and video area. I need to make up having neglected my 2nd child somehow :)

Without further ado, I present me:

Oh belly, there you are :) To counter that photo with some super cuteness, here is a photo of M helping us paint his "new" room. We let him go nuts with the primer and he had a blast. And he considered himself VERY helpful. It was cuteness beyond!
This is the final product. The colour of the walls is Benjamin Moore's Decatur Buff HC- 38 (in case you were wondering). I really love the colour, the walls look great. And the bunk bed is working out really well. The boys have been sleeping in it for a week and we have had no mishaps and very good sleeps all around! I am a happy Mom!


  1. You look awesome! and I love the sweater. how about us bloggy peeps harass you every once in a while for photos of child #3 just to keep you honest?

    glad to hear that the transition to the bunks and room sharing went well.

  2. Don't worry about neglecting the 3rd child. He/she'll be super well-adjusted and a total delight. You look adorable, BTW.

  3. You look great! And I love that paint colour. My own bedroom is a very similar tone, and it makes me happy to walk into the room.

    I think that having so many siblings around makes up for the neglect that younger kids receive. They have lots of attention and love, just not many photos. It's a fair trade, in my book.

  4. Love you forever look amazing. Your smile is the best part! xoxox

  5. That is a cute picture! Does a cute bump mean a cute baby? :-)

  6. Holy schmoly! Look how you grow when I'm not around! Seriously, I can't believe how quickly little people are made. You look wonderful!

  7. You are ADORABLE, and the room looks great. Don't worry about neglecting the third child; you may think you're shorting that kid, but third kids end up all charming and spunky and stuff. They have to, to get attention and make sure they have their parents' love forever (especially after the older two go off to college).

    I should know.

  8. Awwww, lookit that! You make me want another one with your cute belly and happy smile!!

    Where did you get the bunk beds? We've intended to get the big boys bunks from Ikea since the spring, but now I'm terrified that the baby will climb up there and get stuck or fall off. You were smart to do it earlier!

  9. You look fantastic! How exciting. And getting the boys bunkbeds is just so cute.

  10. You look PERFECT!!! Beautiful Mommy!!!

  11. You look FABULOUS!
    Don't worry, even though life is way busy our third baby is so stinking cute I am determined to get photos of her. You will too!

    Love the new colour! and the beds!


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