Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the D word

I think it is ironic that I had a spelling error in the last post title. Cause maybe "Thins I like" would be a more appropriate title for this post.

I am back on My Fitness Pal (web and iphone) tracking my food and exercise. I am twohandsfull on there if you chose to friend me. Initially it started as a way to track what I was eating and see if I could make some better choices. I mentioned it to a few co-workers who decided to log on and now we are supporting each other online and off with chats and lunch hour walks. Slowly I have started to shrink my portion sizes back to something more reasonable and even though I have yet to weigh myself I think I have started to lose a bit. I do know that I feel better, I think the daily walks are helping my mood.

That being said I am hungry. And I don't like it. One of the things this had highlighted for me is my choices for food. My portions were so big I was stuffed after lunch. I would eat an afternoon snack even if I wasn't hungry (bored). It has only been a few days that I have been more restrictive with my food and I see holes in my diet. I need to bring some raw veggies for snacks. I need to drink more water. I need to be prepared so I don't attack the candy machine or jump on the tray of left over deserts from the exec meeting. I know my system will gradually adjust to this diet and I won't feel as hungry. That is what happened for me last time anyhow. 7 years ago I was on WW and I lost 40lbs. I only have 20lbs to lose but for some reason I expect it to be harder this time. I am not as committed as I was that time. Not as desperate. But I want it. And hopefully the support of my real and online friends will keep me going.


  1. This is going to sound really ditzy, but I can't figure out how to find you on MFP. Help?

    Also, when I started the MFP, I was totally starving. I got advice to eat protein before bed (since that's when my stomach would start rumbling and who can sleep when they're hungry) and to up my calories slightly until my body adjusted. It has help a great deal. I am no longer hungry, just fighting my own temptations! :)

  2. I've changed my eating habits and stuck it since August now and am down about 25 lb. You sound as if you are doing everything right and I am cheering for you.

  3. Good luck Chantal! I completely hear you on the bored afternoon snack thing!!


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