Wednesday, April 25, 2012

bits and bobs

  • I was almost run over today while in Westboro. This is CANADA people, at a residential intersection pedestrians have the right of way! This is not Manhattan or Rio. Sheesh. Two cars chose to almost run me down, one right after the other. You would think the 2nd car, who saw me step back from the first car, would have waited. But NO! And for the record one was driven by a man and the other by a woman. And they BOTH had to wait at a red light about 50 feet from where they rushed past me. (I was at the corner of Golden and Byron leaving my Chiropractor appointment). A-holes.
  • Last night we visited FunHaven for the first time. It was with D's hockey team for their end of year party. Being a Tuesday evening it was quiet and lots of fun. No one in my family are fans of crowds and I expect we will never visit this place on a weekend. But I foresee another weeknight visit in our future.
  • Better late than never, we are celebrating M's birthday this weekend. We are going to another establishment similar to FunHaven called Midway Fun Park. This was not our first choice of a Birthday party location. Our first choice was a Glow in the dark mini put location close to our home. A few weeks after booking and giving them a $50 deposit we received a call from the owner explaining that the location had closed and that Midway would honour our deposit. We hemmed and hawed and finally decided to go with Midway. I hate the idea of losing my deposit. I know the kids will love it. Hopefully it isn't super busy. We booked a morning party hoping to avoid crowds. Like I already said, we hate crowds. 
  • I missed almost two full weeks of work this month when my entire family succumb to the sick one after the other. First D2 came down with a fever (that lasted 7 days) that was accompanied by gastro (that lasted 4 days). On day 4 of fever and day 2 of gastro I hauled us both to CHEO worried that he was dehydrated. While there I got a phone call from Kevin letting me know that he had just had x-rays that confirmed he had pneumonia. With him exhausted and D2 still very sick I had to stay home that whole week to care for both of them. That Saturday M started a fever, and Sunday D started one. Monday I woke up with my own fever. OH yes. It was awesome! The only blessing was that D2 was now well enough to return to care and I was able to rest. The silver lining of all this sick was that I able to read the entire Hunger Games trilogy. LOVED them.


  1. So happy to see you here! Just wanted to say that. :-)

  2. Holy hell: two weeks in a month? That's hella lotta sick.

    May birthday celebrations help remind you all of the joy of life...

  3. I almost got hit by a car recently too. It was so close I screamed my loudest. What the heck, Ottawa drivers?

    And we had two 6yo birthday parties at Midway and had a fantastic experience both times. I'm sure it will be great!

  4. How was Midway? I'd never heard of it until Meena got a birthday invitation, but we had to miss it.

    PS. What is it about getting behind the wheel that turns people into A-holes? Some of them start out that way, but I'll swear sitting in a big chunk of steel makes it worse.


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