Friday, June 14, 2013

This or that

I can never seem to get it all done:

If I work hard at cleaning my house on the weekend, I don't have time to do meal planning and prep cooking for the coming week.

If I work out in the evening I forget to plan for the next days supper.

Heck, if I am tired in the evening (right! right!?) I forget to plan for the next days supper. 

If I remember to put a load of laundry in the washer in the evening, I am asleep before it is ready to go in the dryer. (I have been known to text my DH from bed asking him to please put load in dryer, crossing my fingers he checks his phone before bed).

If I do a bunch of meal planning and prepping on the weekend I don't get much housework done.

God help us is we decide to ignore all meal planning and cleaning and just hang with our kids all weekend long.

At the moment I don't have a to do list, mostly because I am in denial. I'm not the only one right?


  1. Definitely not the only one (and yes, this coming from someone who stays at home ;)

    I often joke that if I have three responsibilities - cleaning, cooking and playing/making kids happy, I can only ever do 2 of those things at any given time ;)

  2. Goodness no, you are not the only one.

    There is no meal planning here, dinner is decided daily and we usually eat late. Floors get swept but are not always washed. Laundry gets done but not all put away. (I love the challenge of finding a pair matching socks in the morning!)

    And I have only one child, I can't imagine three....

  3. Gawd no. I was asking Zach just last night - what are we doing wrong? We're both going hard all weekend, seemingly just to keep on top of dishes and laundry, and not giving the kids half of the experiences we want to. We already get a housekeeper every other week, what else is there to outsource??? Hire someone to fold the underwear?

    Yeah, I have no idea. There's never ever enough time.

  4. I've made peace with my neglected tasks. Just own it!

  5. Oh, you are SOOOO not the only one! The list of things I continue to neglect is very, very long ....


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